Neo 2T Inaccuracy

Has anyone experienced massive inaccuracies with the neo 2T? Im getting a reading nearly 15% higher from the cranks PM which was previously calibrated to a kickr. Any fixes? See screen shots below.

Do you have the power meter (xcadey) set correctly??
Crank length?

crank length 170mm

The xcadey was calibrated to the pervious kickr. So unless that was way off :man_shrugging:

Neo’s are renowned for being pretty accurate. Really you need another power source to see which is accurate, 2 doesn’t really tell you much

I agree there, i have tested it with my mountain bike PM and it gave similar readying. AS in the xcadey and the MTB one matched.

Assuming the 2T and crank PM are updated to latest firmware?


don;t know what to tell ya other than I’ve had the same issue on 2 different occasions.
it just goes out of whack according to assioma readings. first time it eventually went back to normal and the 2nd time i havent even looked if it is. I just train with my wahoo paired to pedals and control resistance on the phone app

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Bloody weird and annoying for such a high end trainer. You’d think they would have some kinda reset of calibration thing.

So more testing with a Quarq PM. Seems it is still wrong but possibly not as much. Maybe the Xcadey was over reading. Now im well confused!!! :laughing:

I use a Neo2T and have compared it against Assioma’s, Garmin Rally’s, and two Quarq’s. All have been within 2% of each other. A lot of the time less than 1%.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that the quarq spider on my MTB seems to read slightly higher and slightly lower. Easy endurance ride comes out slightly lower. Hard Threshold / VO2 ride comes out slightly higher. Higher peaks, lower valleys?

But in general, pretty much dead on for me without issue. Haven’t updated firmware or touched it since I bought it in 2021 - Just changing cassettes, adapters, etc.

Used within TR, and simultaneously logging directly to a Garmin 1030 or 1040 for comparisons.

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