Kickr Core accuracy vs Power2Max

Hi team,

Looking at investing in a Kickr Core, so I can use both my MTB and Road bike on my trainer, to better prepare for specific events ( I have different shoes, etc, so I want to emulate my events as best possible on the correct bike and set up ).

I don’t have a power metre on the MTB (yet), but I use a Power2Max on the road bike. I can just use the Power2Max indoors, but if the Kickr is out by 10-20 watts, I’ll effectively have a different work out when I switch to the MTB.

Question is, how close in your experience is the Kickr power to the Power2Max metre?

I’m probably splitting hairs here, it’s more just as a matter of interest, rather than gospel. I’ll test them both when I actually get the trainer, but for now, would just be keen on some feedback.

Man, it’s so hard to switch between two bikes if one has a PM and one doesn’t. The odds are that even two different PMs are going to read differently, making it even more of a challenge.

In this case I would probably do a test comparing the p2m to the Core, then just make a mental note of that discrepancy for outdoor rides and rely on the Core’s power for all training. Then you can use either bike.


That’s going to depend on your Kickr Core and you p2max.

I have 2 bikes, each w/their own p2max type-S which were bought a year apart. They read nearly identical in test scenarios (e.g., same wattage, same climb, same conditions yield the same times)

I had a Kickr1. It was always 10-15W than either bike p2max. I currently have a Neo1 which matches up nicely with both p2max’s.

You will need more than two power meters to get an idea of who is “right” or “wrong”. 1st gen Kickrs were notorious for reading high. That said, I can’t speak for later gen Kickrs.

I’ve got a non-core kickr and a P2M meter on my bike. I find they track pretty close. DCrainmaker has a tool on his website that you can use for about $5 that allows you to plot two power files together and it will do some comparison calculations. If you’ve ever been to his site, it what he uses to produce the charts when he compares PMs. You can do a sample ride and record your PM on your head unit and the kickr from your computer and input both files

Here’s the link:

ETA: Sorry didn’t realize you were thinking of getting a new device…but keep that tool in mind if you do get one, it’s easy to do a check so you have an idea of how well they track

You could have five power meters of the same make and model, with sequential serial numbers, and all assembled by the same person, with five slightly different power readings. Or they could all read exactly the same. You’d never know.

Point is, the only way to really be sure is map them out against each other at different wattages and record the offsets. In your case, gotta map the P2M vs the Kickr Core.

The Kickr Core, like all wheel-off trainers, is inherently going to be read slightly lower (all else equal), simply because it’s subject to the entire drivetrain loss, whereas the P2M is only subject to smaller losses in the pedal and BB bearings.