Power pedals + power meter

so if I bought a dual sided power meter, and power pedals, how accurate could I get my power statistic? would It even work?

What are you trying to accomplish?

With two power meters on the bike, you can almost guarantee that they won’t match. This is because of differences in power measurement location and manufacturing tolerances to name the most likely influences.

TR and any other app can only use data from one power meter at a time. So there’s no accuracy to be gained.

could your head unit be set to get the average between the 2? then you may have marginal more accurate power

No, that won’t work either. You can still only pair one power meter to a head unit.

Why do you think the average of two meters is better than one?

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for sientific results on a ride for greater acuracy, could you then have 2 head units and average out the stats form everything? but just post of of 1 head unit?

I know that it isn’t the most useful, but if you realy wanted to know how much faster you could go with different chain lube or with different socks on, then woud it be better, or Is it not going to make any diference

The precision level of most power meters is not tight enough to catch the small changes you would be seeking to find.

Most PMs are +/-1 to 2% of the reported power.

That means one meter could read 198-202 watts at a true 200w at +/-1%.

That means one meter could read 196-204 watts at a true 200w at +/-2%.

Double each for the second PM and you get a max range wider that the watts you are trying to capture.

These are tools for training and lack the precision necessary to do a tighter level of review even approaching something scientific.

what is the most precise power meter then?

Not sure without doing more research. Open the specs page for all the ones you want to consider and find the power data tolerance.

An advantage of having power meters that can be used simultaneously is that you can then see if one (or both) are out of spec. You can’t tell which one is wrong with only 2 meters, but you can tell that something is definitely wrong.
One thing that is nice about pedals is that they are two independent meters, so you get some self checking there - if one goes wonky, you will be able to tell based on L/R balance. To me, this is likely the most compelling use of L/R balance :slight_smile:

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thanks for the explanation, I’ll go with the power pedals then