Power Meter Showdown - Stages L Only vs Garmin Vector 2 Dual

Just an fyi for those that need it.

Stages ran consistently +15-25w throughout intervals, but tracked somewhat closely during low, steady power. As to be be expected.

I sold it today :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 5.55.45 PM

I’ve had both Stages L and now Stages LR. Just as in DCRainmaker testing no issues with accuracy. I’m testing against Kickr 2017.

Testing against a Kickr isn’t that useful, it’s not what most would consider a reliable power source. I think all these power threads are relative though, if you have a baseline, and can improve your power output then absolute accuracy isn’t that important. A lot of us strive to get as close to accurate as possible because we have multiple bikes with PM’s, so we want confidence that 300W is the same whether on the trainer, bike 1, bike 2, etc.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to nail down a high level of accuracy, and even if we could there could be a number of factors that would skew the numbers over time.

@wodeson, what software is that?

Golden Cheetah

Agree 100% whole heartedly.

Stages Power was “inaccurate”, but I was able to use it successfully because it provided consistent data.

I did this test because upgraded my road bike’s PM to Vector 3, so I moved the Vector 2 over to the trainer bike. This shows me how much I should decrease my FTP, in stead of retesting.

Bbarrera is correct, that is Golden Cheetah, using the comparison feature.

If Stages is inaccurate, why does DCRainmaker show it is accurate? Why did DCRainmaker buy his own Stages LR and use it on a test bike if it is inaccurate?

I can warmup Kickr, do a spin down, and then Kickr and Stages are within 3-5 watts of each other. Both my gen 2 and gen 3 Stages.

With all due respect, I did not say anything about LR accuracy.

Someone else brought LR into the conversation stating that is accurate against a 2017 Kickr, which it should be, to a degree. You and I know left only PM’s double the left power which will never ever ever be accurate.

I provided an image of using a Left Only Power Meter and Garmin Vector 2 for the same work out, showing that the Stages L Only tracks +15-25w vs Garmin Vector 2 (and Kickr Core, but that wasn’t in the oringal post either). I preformed the same test when I received the Core and made the decision to keep the Stages and Powermatch based on consistency, and I didn’t want to change FTP during a plan.

I’ve switched from Road Machine > Core and Stages L Only > Garmin Vector 2 dual for training in the 30-60 days. Since I will now be training on dual power, I was looking for a simple answer which I could not find, so I created this thread to share with others who may be making similar changes and have the same question, especially with the amount of new smart trainer users out there.

it really depends. Now that I have full left/right power, I’m finding my personal split is close to 50% and therefore the left-only did a good job for me. But anyone with a strong imbalance will see more accurate power with a power meter that measures total power.

I just ordered a Stages L to do intervals outdoors in the summer. I will be comparing it to my 2018 Kickr once I get hold of it.

I’m training for Michigan Mountain Mayhem and Cherry Roubaix, would be useful to have 1-2 structured training sessions a week.