Power meter pedals and TSA airport security

I’m heading out to LA and renting a bike for a couple days. I will be taking my Garmon Rally pedals. I’d like to carry them on and not check so they don’t get lost or delayed in checked luggage. Anyone know if they are an issue with TSA? I’m sure my bag will be pulled and screened but don’t want them to make me leave them behind! That would be an expensive mistake.

I can’t imagine it would be an issue. As far as I know the maximum battery size is 100watt hours, which is a large laptop battery.

I’m sure it’ll be fine

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I packed a set of dura ace pedals with my shoes and helmet. No issues.

Never had an issue with my Assiomas.

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No issue. Done it lots myself.

I’ve lost a pedal wrench to TSA, but assume you’ll rely on the shop where you’re renting the bike for that. As others noted, no issues with pedals themselves.

I travel a lot with pedals. They are never a problem. I have a foam that i put them in (case). Put them in the bins at TSA so they can see what they are.

Yep, just make sure they’re easily accessible if the TSA agent wants to take a look. Chances are they won’t, but be a little proactive - put the pedals and any tools in a bag you can pull out of your main carry-on if needed.

Thanks for all the help. Put them in a ziplock and took out when going through security. No issue at all!