Power meter calibration

I know calibration has been discussed before, but I have not been able to find this specific topic.

I had to take the battery pod off my quarq yesterday in order to put a new ring on. I’ve done it before, it’s pretty easy, no issues.

The calibration numbers on this device (I’ve had the crankset for three and a half years now) has always been very consistent, always between 125 and 135 (yes, I know the numbers are meaningless, it’s the consistency that matters).

But today when I rode I got completely different numbers. I calibrated five or six times and again it was very consistent, just different.

Is it possible that removing and replacing the battery pod (I also put in a new battery) simply changed the baseline? Or is this a sign that something is wrong?


The numbers always change once a new ring is fitted, so as long as the numbers stabilise from this point onwards then you’re good to go, even if they are different to before.


Really good to hear, thank you.

Put in a few hard sprints and give it about 5 rides.