Power Crank Meter or Kickr Rollr controllable trainer or both for TR workouts?

Hi, I have a power based crank in my trainer bike sitting on top of a controllable Kickr Roller. Should I be pairing both for TR workouts or just use the power crank meter in the bike to measure power and avoid using the Kickr Roller all together and just use it free-spinning the rear tyre on the rollers? TIA

Use Power match (Its default when you have a PM) It’ll read from a power meter and write to the KickR (to control resistance)

PowerMatch: Using Power Meters with Smart Trainers – TrainerRoad


Thanks but this is the screen in the link you sent me but in my Devices list for my Kickr Roller it doesn’t have a Powermatch feature to make any selection from.

Its because its default (Powermatch) when you pair a PM.

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Great thanks