Firstly, wow! You live in an area that is higher than the highest peak of my country. Madness.
Regarding your effort. There is this rule of „going hardest when you go slowest“ and it is true to some extent. Since we have different surfaces, I‘d rather say „put the most power down, when it helps you the most“. Depending on how lose the gravel is, you might ride inefficiently there.
Have you tried best bike split?
I usually plan KOMs in segments (like you did), then I look at my best effort (time and watts) and then set a target wattage. From that, I extrapolate my goal time.
I compare the average gradient of the segment and the once of the parts of the segment. I usually never go below 80% of my target power (unless I decent) and never above 120% of my target power. That’s basically how I start out…

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Do you have a bike computer and strava? We did a Time Trial series with summer in my area and racing against my strava best was extremely motivating.

As for your pacing… eat a caffeine gel when you start your warm up and try to sit right at 110% of your FTP power. Don’t get too buried at on the first 3rd. Agree with above advice about going to hardest when you are going the slowest.

Also, try to push the biggest reasonable gear you can for the power output. Its not about spinning up and keeping the power in line with a fast cadence.

Lastly, dont be afraid to turn around and go up and do it again right afterwards!

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Best bike split will give you an idea using free version only. Likely to tell you to push harder on the steeper section or at least the section that takes the longest (seems to be close between 2nd and 3rd section).

I wouldn’t worry about cadence or gearing, whatever suits you best for the power you need.

Other obvious non pacing tips: make sure weather is favourable with temp and wind, make bike and yourself as light as possible. Tyre pressure might be another factor to consider if big gravel?

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I just set my Garmin to get the KOM. It tells you precisely how hard you need to go (just not in watts). If I’m behind, I’m not going hard enough, if I’m 10 seconds ahead, I might be able to ease off the gas slightly for a little while, or press on if feeling good. It’s the perfect way to pace assuming GPS signal is ok in the area. Worked ok for me for about 400 KOMs


Using lap function also helps me maintain power a bit better.

I find racing against my PB (there is a setting) can be either demotivating (when dropped) or prone to GPS error but def a good option if you have the mental strength to overcome your past self dropping you.

Not sure where you’re based but 9000ft can’t be warm at this time of year? Makes a big difference on longer higher climbs.

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Oh and most importantly, wait for the tailwind!


One thing you can do is set your lap button and watch your average speed. It looks like you want to hold 11 mph. If you know the climb well, then there will be areas where you can pick up speed, and areas where you can recover a little. Your average speed on your bike computer will help motivate you. When I am going for a PR, if I don’t really know the climb, I just lock into what I know is my peak power for the particular length of time. But my best results have been when I went easier where the grade is lower, and harder where it is tougher, which requires really knowing the climb to do right, and to really have a good sense of how easy or hard to go…that is really the toughest part of pacing!

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Good luck, you’ll definitely manage it, this time or the next. Keep an eye on windspeed during the day obviously. Half a bottle of water maybe and leave gear in the car at the bottom or have a friend carry your stuff.

Difficult pacing as you’ll no doubt want to go harder at the start when you’re fresh, but looks like a lot of time will be made on the end sections.

Have fun…

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