Poll: Your 1 min power - where do you sit

Thought that it might be a good and useful statistical exercise to see the breakdown of TR users and see how we fair in terms of 1 min numbers. Where do you fall in ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: If your max 1min is above 900W do provide a screenshot for us mere mortals to gaze and wonder upon :wink:

  • 1000W +
  • 900W - 999W
  • 800W - 899W
  • 700W - 799W
  • 600W - 699W
  • 500W - 599W
  • 400W - 499W
  • 300W - 399W
  • 200W - 299W

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Can’t see the results for some reason, I’m on iPhone

EDIT: The chart is normal size now (shrug)

EDIT 2: It’s tiny and unusable again (double shrug)


The little pie chart at the bottom is the result click on a piece and it tells you how many people

Hmm just checked it on my phone and it shows it in a similar way (android). The pie chart is tiny, but when you click on it it does give you the exact numbers of how people voted. Maybe it is due to some differences in code for viewing on phones versus a standard desktop mode?