Poll: what’s your FTP and volume plan

Wanted to try something different and hopefully fun. I was always curious of how high FTPs (actual power in terms of number and not w/kg) are in correlation to volume plan.

Two Part Poll: As the title says first pick the volume plan you have.
Then what number you’re FTP falls within.

  • Low volume
  • Mid volume
  • High volume
  • Polarized

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  • 100-175
  • 176-250
  • 251-300
  • 301-350
  • 351-400+

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I follow a LV plan, but add an endurance ride on Wednesdays and a long weekend ride to meet the MV plan TSS. I’m guessing a lot of people do similar. Would you want me to answer LV or MV?


I would say answer low volume. I was kind of wondering the same thing, but also what the raw FTP watts are compared to what Volume plan people are doing. I’m actually right where you are I could do mid volume but I have time to do lower volume and 4+ hours of endurance.

Maybe, w/kg would be more interesting?


Likely “both” is the best since there are reasons each matters more.


They have another thread on here about that, I always wondered if you could tap out on the amount of raw watts for your FTP with a low volume plan even with lots of added endurance.

Going by the graphs from above thread, it seems low volume can only make the average user get just above 300 watts for their ftp. Sure there’s a lot that can come in to play with genetics, rest, weight, added rides, etc.
maybe I just opened another rabbit hole :man_facepalming:

I did MV. Reached “only” 240 watt.
This means 4w/kg. 300 is not achievable for me.

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That’s what the data analysis tools are for.

More volume done long enough and the RIGHT WAY will eventually net you the most power. Without w/kg raw power is simply missing the requisite context. Why? Because a 90 kg rider pushing 300W is barely over 3w/kg…while the same power for a 60kg rider is 5w/kg…making the lighter cyclist far more fit than the heavier one.


Surprised to see that an FTP over 300 puts you near enough in the top third of TR users (based on 138 votes at this time).

I guess I imagined given that your average TR user is likely to be more ‘into’ cycling than the more general ‘leisure’ or newby cyclist that to get into the top third or this subset would require a big number (E.g. 350+)?


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It would be interesting to see how many respondents are Masters, how many use power meters that are/are not known for their accuracy, and wt/kg.

Without those things (and I’m sure I’ve missed a few), along with not knowing how much people are modifying plans, the poll really doesn’t tell us much.