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I think itโ€™s the cumulative impact on recovery - 8 minutes each time you go out over 5 rides in a week is 40 minutes of additional intensity. The theory is to batch this up into a short workout and go properly hard for that session rather than an 8 minute effort which although hard isnโ€™t going to drive adaptations in the same way but will impact your recoveryโ€ฆ

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Did the plans change? Iโ€™m doing POL Build HV and some of my workouts donโ€™t match the ones in the plan any more. Did the plans change or did I make a modification and forget?

anyone else terrified of the San Pedro โ†’ Miller Peak jump? 4x8 โ†’ 2x16 @100% feels impossible given how tough the 4x8s were.


4x8 at threshold with 5 minute recoveries shouldnโ€™t be very though. Maybe your FTP is too high.


Both of the session shouldnโ€™t be hard at all with proper FTP. You test with ramp test? Those sessions on 100% should be rather moderate than hard - especially 4x8.


Few days ago (maybe earlier but thatโ€™s when we noticed it at least).

2 min intervals switched to the original 4 min ones seems to be the biggest change, but there are a few other changes too.

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On my Garmin Edge 530: when youโ€™re setting up your data fields for the different activities, itโ€™s in the โ€œpowerโ€ category towards the bottom. Itโ€™s called โ€œTime in Zone 2โ€ (of course equivalents exist for the other zones too). Just make sure your zones are set up right on your Garmin and keep your FTP up-to-date.

Slay the spire is so much fun and addicting.

Edit: I originally added the MV 6 week plan to my calendar but deciding if I will take it off and go back to the Trad Base MV II and MV III again as I really like those and gave me good gains on my endurance power over 2+ hours.

MVII is challenging and III is hard. Only did HV I and II but cannot imagine doing HV III.

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Agree. If this is a killer need to re evaluate your threshold.

If set correctly this should be very doable.

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Also agree. When checking the โ€œAll ridesโ€ tab on the website for this workout, I was shocked by the rate of failure the people already have. I donโ€™t know if people rely too much on the fantastic tool the power meter is, but I think everybody should learn to recognize their anaerobic threshold by feel. Very helpful to adjust ftp. During ramp test, I can pinpoint the step where I go from under to above threshold, making unnecessary the bit where your anaerobic capacity is coming in play.

Anyway, lower your ftp by 5% and you should be ready to tackle the complete block with better improvement than surviving every workout with too high ftp.

This is why to me I think ftp is not always the best measure of progress. For me I can have a higher ftp setting for endurance and vo2 but sometimes need a lower setting for sweet spot workouts.

Earliest of which date back to 1996, so 25 years ago.

Take it up with the TR podcast. Iโ€™m done fielding well AKSHUALLLY on this point

Interesting article about 4,8 and 16 minutes intervals and mixing them:

Conclusion - if you want more improvement, go harder.


Brilliant study that thanks!

Exactly what we needed too. So basically you can either up intensity, lower intensity while increasing duration or mix it up and still get great results.

4*4 compliance looked slightly poorest but still good.

I like the idea of mixing it up, just to get used to working at both intensity and duration. Gives me more confidence.


That may well be true in general but Is NOT the conclusion of the study, the study wasnt even assessing the relationship between โ€˜go harderโ€™ and โ€˜more improvementโ€™

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Interesting that they found,

โ€œa small tendency [โ€ฆ] larger microvariation [โ€ฆ] (i.e the MIX group) actually induces less adaption,โ€

But then overall argue that rigid structure is not supported by the results.

Suggests do what you like.


fair enough, but even assuming both are physiologically doable, thereโ€™s a big jump in threshold progression from 4x8 โ†’ 2x16. someone with access to AT told me itโ€™s a 3.9 โ†’ 5.0, which seems pretty big of a jump!

hopefully we all get workout levels soon & I can see if the rest of the progression is that big of jumps, but Iโ€™m leaning towards replacing the 2x16 with something that feels more achievable to me.


This is progression only if this your first-ever year of riding a bike. if itโ€™s not - 2x16 is barely a workout if you are not coming from sickness or injury and your FTP is properly set. If you are accustomed by the intensity and how threshold feels 4x8 is by no means different than 2x16 - the difference is purely mental.

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Iโ€™m definitely getting rid of the 16 minute intervals. Just to say youโ€™re not alone.