Podcast Notification

Hello @Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan

Is there any chance you can post a notification of the next scheduled podcast? Or have a banner for it at the top of the forum page? Sometimes I miss the announcements you make during the podcast and am left floundering on Thursday morning when there is not one available. I cannot be the only one in this boat. Thanks a bunch. Keep up the great work.

Hey there @Mauroj!

Every week, I will make a forum post for the episode we will be recording the night before. You can simply go to the “Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast” category to find it more easily as well.

That said, if you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and/or Like our Facebook Page, you will get notifications on when I schedule the live stream. :slight_smile:

This week, we will be recording tomorrow and not today so don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything yet!


Phew, I’m glad I didn’t miss it; I actually went onto youtube this morning, didn’t see it and then had to double check that today was Thursday. :laughing:

Thanks for the reply, @Ian. I do always see those posts you create but I was hoping that maybe a countdown timer could be made at the top of the forum page so that when there will be a missed week or an early/late recording, we would be aware of it right away. Not a big deal but I thought it would be fun to have for the best cycling podcast in the world. Thanks again.