Podcast player sans camera

Due to regulation changes at work, I need to look for a new way to listen to podcasts instead of my ipod. Does anyone know of a player that does NOT include a camera? I know I can stream the AACC podcast (and others) but I would like to be able to listen in areas where I do not sit at a desk.

The critical part of the regulation is the electronic device cannot have a camera.


It isn’t live, but I download the casts from Soundcloud and listen via my Sansa music player.

I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know for sure if this will work. But take a look at Mighty. It’s basically an offline player for Spotify (Spotify have podcast support) in the format of the old iPod shuffle without a screen.


Do NOT need it live. Rarely listen to anything live. But podcasts are helping me get through the workday. Will look at both of these. Automatic update for simplicity is what I need as well. Cool that such a thing exists! Thank you.

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Chad, silly question, but do you have to hook this to your computer every day to download the casts?

I like the price!

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Yes. Cable to USB connection, and manual copy/paste sound files. Old tech and not at all as cool as the other option above (which I had not seen before).


Not sure about compatibility but it might be worth seeing if one of the older (bought used) iPods that have no camera are capable of storing podcasts?