PLs and going from virtual power to power meter

I am finally getting a power meter (assimo duo-shi). Once it arrives it will probably coincide pretty closely to the end of my SSB LV 2. My plan is take a ramp test to see where it puts my ftp at. Currently using virtual power on a fluid2 trainer, I am at 254 watt ftp. What I am wondering is when I switch to the power meter, (and for argument sake let’s say my ftp is way different than the virtual power) can I or should I worry about progression levels where they move to? It’s not like the ftp test would tell me I’m stronger or weaker, the number will just be different due to the different device measuring it.

If the ramp test comes back saying I’m actually at 225 or 275 I was already at that number nailing workouts. So should I care about changing workouts or just let AT do it’s thing and accept there maybe a couple weeks where things are too hard or too easy?

  • No, don’t worry.
  • As recommended, retest FTP anytime you change equipment (which includes swapping power data sources in this case) and move forward. PL’s will be adjusted by AT as they set it up. Continue training and let use the system just as you have already done.
  • True, you can’t compare the data from VP to any other source. Unless you test in parallel with dual devices, you just have to take the new data and related FTP and move forward.
  • This. Answer the survey’s appropriately and let the system work.
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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I figured this would be the concensus.

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