Changed from virtual power to power meter - Pleasantly surprised

Just one persons experience but thought I’d share.
Been using VP on an elite super-chrono power-mag for a few years. It’s an elastogel roller with just the bike/rider weight and I always kept my tyre pressure consistent.
Yesterday I got some Assioma pedals so did a quick comparison test.
I held 300w for 30 seconds and the virtual power was pretty much identical!
dropped to 250w - still pretty much identical.
For whatever reason, I was expecting the real watts would be much lower. Now I’m thinking I might even skip the ramp test. Will AI ftp detection deal with this change from VP to power meter?

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We have the same at home. This is encouraging. I have been dragging my heels with investing in a power meter partly because my ego couldn’t handle seeing my ftp go any lower!

I know that feeling :laughing:

This is promising. I use virtual power on my non adjustable basic elite rollers and Lemond Revolution and just hope the power curve set in them is consistent, i.e. 100% is in proportion to 80% and 120%. I’ll get a power meter one day but for now i will just assume all is well.
Im so new i’ll make gains anyway.

When I was on virtual power, on the same set up you have, I had an FTP of 485W @ 5.9w/kg. I didn’t, in reality, churn out World Tour numbers with a powermeter :rofl:

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Just keep pretending :slight_smile:

In all fairness, unless i am terribly unfit, i would say it feels pretty accurate, compared to when i had a smart trainer. I think tyres, pressure and weight make a huge difference. I can “feel” when my pressure isnt what i usually run.

Im less concerned about the actual number than consistency across power ranges. I know around FTP is pretty close but have no idea if either side of that is and how much so.

I guess its all relevant and as long as im consistent with how i use it, levels etc will adjust accordingly. Still, its nice to have a number you can trust.

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