Please rate / critique my LSD Ride

was attempting a LSD ride outdoors (I only ride outdoors).

purpose is to build an aerobic base to be able to eventually ride 5+ hours. this ride was supposed to be 2 hours - which is more than my normal.

had a few surges at shall we say yellow lights (or maybe a little red) and one unexpected hill after a bend where I was too late to shift gears.

how much do the surges mess up the purpose of my ride?

should I try to be towards the top end of Zone 2 if I can handle it?

thank you for any insight.

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Not an expert here, so with that in mind my advice is worth what you paid for it. Overall it looks pretty good. I wouldn’t stress about going a little harder on hills, but you might want to try to cut down on coasting time a bit if possible.


No, surges don’t mess up the purpose of the ride. Try to limit coasting.

No, you shouldn’t worry about being at the top end of a relatively arbitrary power zone. Just ride your bike pretty easy.

Don’t overthink it. Just ride your bike.


Just pedal and eat. If you are breathing the way you can talking it’s all good if you are after “pure” lsd ride. No matter what part of zone you are, Long element will trump all other aspects of your ride.


Man if that doesn’t sum it up. All the heads wasted here discussing what is / is not Z2, am I going too hard, did I go long enough, whatever.

Ride your bike at a comfortable pace for the desired period. If you have to put out some watts to get over a hill, fine.

Ride easy and enjoy. It is really that simple.

  • Ditto, I aim for 5% or less of coasting if possible. Just takes some shifting and paying attention on the downs that most people coast. You can hold decent wattage on all but the fastest downs (over 30 mph) from my experience.

A note about coasting: TR appears to include any time not spent moving as time “coasting” So, if you are stopped at a light, stopped to refill bottles, or stopped for any other reason, it is included in “coasting.” It was not immediately obvious to me that this would be the case, but it is.


^^ I do have my garmin set to not stop at stop lights…so some of that is stopping.

I will pay attention to coasting though and try to limit it. I can already think of a few spots I could have done done.

As for overthinking - story of my life!!! you basically nailed me. I’ll try though. tytyty