Plan TSS vs outside ride TSS

Just a casual observation; I’m currently on an 8wk plan (my FTP is correct).
Once a wk i do a group ride outside and always the TSS is more than double any workout on the plan…?

I ‘just’ about complete the harder workouts indoors, so dont think they should be any harder, but somehow manage to cope with so much more outside.

Any thoughts on this?

How long is your outdoor ride? What is the IF?

It’s almost certainly the duration. a 2 hour ride is going to have double the TSS of a one hour workout. I think what you see is that the TSS of endurance rides is not much different than the TSS of a sweet spot or Threshold workout and could be even more than a VO2Max workout for a given time period. It’s the intensity that makes those indoor workouts harder.

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Outside rides are ~90-120mins, compared to inside 60-90mins. IF outside ~0.95 vs inside 0.8

Just a little curious why my inside plans always go easiler on me than what i typically do outside.

There’s your answer

If you did that every ride, you’d be smoked.

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