Plan order of intervals

I’m trying to think of better ways to structure my training week
Not specific to any type of racing, I do gravel/road/endurance events with the goal of top half or top 25% range in most. Plan was based on gran fondo, which I figured was a middle ground for fast group rides to longer events like 100ish mile gravel rides.

The current plan is generally tues/thurs indoor even in summer:

Mon: off
Tues: TR intervals 1hr V02 max
Weds: Lifting
Thurs: TR intervals 1.5hr Sweetspot
Fri: (off every other friday, otherwise just ride z2)
Sat: TR intervals 1.5hr Threshold (or 2-3 hours outside)
Sun: Zwift/outside Z2 range, 1.5-x hours (lifting if i didnt do some 3hr+ ride)

I am generally stuck indoors during the week due to being a dad, so I do a pretty hard saturday ride but it doesnt fit the exact structure of threhold even though it feels like it. So I was wondering if I should just count that as threshold, or move threshold to tue/thurs? Maybe swap tues/saturday intervals?

I did similar last summer, but seem to have lost consistency while riding outdoors. My ftp was 250 to 264, dipped in the fall, and is 264 again but I’m at higher PL in just about every category(another fun bit is i feel like I have plateaued). So I had wondered if maybe the threshold should be indoors during the week when I cant get outside. Before I do this, I was curious if the order TR picked was for a reason? VO2 then ss then threshold, or if it doesnt really matter too much as long as I have the legs for it.

If it was me:

Monday off

If possible I’d move weights to Tuesday and do them at the other end of the day to the VO2 Max workout, prioritising the bike work.

Wednesday recovery spin 45 mins at below 50% FTP.

Thursday Threshold progressed quite aggressively by TiZ.

Friday off or easy

Saturday outside or Sweetspot.

Sunday just as you have it.

I like the alternating hard day easy day thing.

For me Threshold and Sweetspot are both FTP work, so you can drop one of those if riding outdoors will be a better option for you. Ckearly Threshold is harder and sucks mightily so you don’t drpp that. :blush:

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You should probably do VO2max when feeling freshest, not when tired from the previous day, for threshold a little fatigue shouldn’t be a problem but not too much for sweetspot and below it shouldn’t really matter

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Thanks both of you, it definitely feels like a puzzle trying to fit this around kids and wife
One day maybe ill have a better handle on it, but then i would also have 300 ftp and be at my ideal weight…

Seems like I will keep the Tuesday V02max and maybe swap threshold to thursday(oof both weekdays are pure pain!).
That way I can do my saturday group ride and maybe consider that a sweetspot, its with the fast guys so I usually just barely hang on by the end. Whittles a group of 20ish down to 5 most times.

Then go easy sunday.

Not sure I could be one of those get up at 5 am types, i dont do mornings well and it would wake my kids or give up our child-free hour with the wife before sleep.