Plan change, on calander

Hi guys, have a trainer road plan that i started in November, have an event that i want to do which is in may, put the details in and trainer road made me a plan to get ready for the event, its the Caledonia Etape in Scotland where i live, the event has now been put back due to Covid-19 and is now in September, do i scrap the plan and start from scratch or do i move the date on the calander and TR changes the plan accordingly. On an other note, im a social cyclist and not very fit and the event is an 85 mile slog up some mountains, have been using the plan and only missed a couple of sessions over christmas and new year, noticed that the longest workout is 2 hours but the event will probably take me 6 hours is that normal for TR.

My event was moved from June to September also. I put in a Dummy April Event to kick start the recalculate plan process. When that started I deleted the dummy event and moved my event to September.

I’ve done the Etape about 4 or 5 times. Its mostly flat round the banks of the lochs, you then climb the flatter side of Schiehallion so don’t be intimidated. The only bad climb, but very doable, is near the end. After the long descent from Schiehallion, there’s a short/sharp climb immediately after a left turn. So you may have lost momentum and be in a high gear. If you are that saps the legs and makes the climb back to the town a drag. Good luck👍

Thanks for the reply, always wanted to do the etape but my fitness put me off but the extra time during the pandemic has helped me a lot, just got to keep going with the TR pan and get some outside runs as well. Are 1 to 2 hour workouts enough or should i be looking to longer workouts?

Thanks again.

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Short workouts are fine just go harder during them to build up your power reserve. On the day you’ll pace slower but it’s the same power bank. If possible try to get a ride in or two that are 75% of the distance but if you can’t don’t fret the atmosphere and draft of other riders will pull you through :+1: