Plan Builder change [Feature Request]

Not sure if anyone has suggested it yet (there are rarely new ideas), however the first splash screen you get to in plan builder is “How many hours have you trained in the last 6 weeks”. Surely there should be an option, now that there is a heavy AI/AT module for TrainNow etc., that allows TR software to analyse your training history and answer that question based on all the progression levels etc. (also in the experience section)

Also unsure if there is a way to plan an outdoor ride into the program knowing if it is a chill ride or smash fest ahead of time, as in, I know that my saturday ride is ALWAYS a smash fest, I would like to be able to say “oh, Saturday is always going to be a super hard, sweetspot + vo2 max + absolute redline session” so lets put that in knowing this… (I am now getting lost in my post ride, nutrient deficient brain state, so I’ll stop here)

Hey! I want to update the title of your post so that other athletes can search for and contribute based upon the feature you’re describing, but Im not sure I totally understand your request.

I think you’re suggesting that you dont have to select a volume for Plan Builder in the future, it just looks at the full scope of your ride history and assigns a volume for you?

This is already in place! In Plan Builder, you can specify your hard/easy days for the week ahead of time, and they’ll be consistently applied to your plan after you drag+drop the hard day on Saturday! :sunglasses:

Hey! Thanks for the update.

I meant on the first screen that asks what your training load has been -

That it can pre-select or say something like “we see you have been training about XXX hours on average over the last 6 weeks, does this sound correct?”
Just a way to omit having to guess or go back and look at logs.
Once TR automatically brings in runs and swims (for us special folk) it would be even more accurate, because right now, I don’t know if it is asking me for total training time or only cycling, which brings me to another QOL suggestion, maybe elaborate if that is cycling only or total training time. (I assume it is only cycling if I am looking for only a cycling plan, but when I was tri training I took it to be total time)

I think keep the volume screen/choice as this would allow someone \whgo might usually train heaps, but knows life is going to prevent that, or vice versa, about to take some time off or whatever can pick a different load/volume.
This screen remains unchanged

With the hard/easy days, I thought you would have to try to emulate the prescribed workout, though I guess probably not, just mark it as outdoor and forget about it. With any luck I’ll have a power meter on the bike mid June, so I’ll get to see how that interacts with the system :slight_smile: That will make building my plan a bit easier!


Thank you! That definitely makes sense, thanks for providing more context. Your input is appreciated for sure! :sunglasses: