Piriformis/Sciatic Nerve

During Tuesday night worlds last week I rode a normal ride with lots of high short power efforts culminating in a bunch sprint at the end. After the ride I spin home which is about 10 miles. During the spin my right glute started to get tender and then a few minutes later I started getting little zingers down my hamstring. After I got home, showered and finally to bed…no pain, no zingers. I’ve ridden every day since including a hard ride today with plenty of high power efforts and still feeling fine.

I’m assuming the piriformis just became inflamed a touch but, after decades of riding/training/racing I’ve never had this happen.

Just curious if this has happened to anyone else?

Similar story here, going all out in my most aero position to hold off some friends and had slow increase from discomfort to shooting pain over a few minutes. After ride, noticed I was down about 4 mm as seat post had slipped.

In my case, I was able to ride hard in subsequent rides but the sensations would creep back in after a few intervals, usually about 45-60 minutes of intensity.

I self diagnosed as piriformis, throttled way back in intensity (easy riding was ok), did a lot of stretching and strengthening of the glutes for 3 weeks and been pretty much back to normal since.

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Been fighting this for a couple of years. Doesn’t prevent me from cycling or running ultramarathons but can be uncomfortable with some pain. I waffle on sticking to a glute warm up and stretch routine and doing nothing for weeks at a time.

A few specific warm up exercises and stretches plus foam rolling prior helps tremendously.

I have had one round of PRP to help alleviate some inflammation which was visible on MRI.