PinkBike now charges for Classifieds listings

I kind of knew this was coming. Once Outside bought them up, changes were happening and they all pointed towards Outside trying to milk as much money as possible. But as of today, PinkBike is now charging to list in their Classifieds section for any more than 2 listings. PinkBike has been my go to for selling bikes and parts, and has easily been the best place to look for used parts as well. No fees like eBay. More knowledgable people than Craigslist. It was a perfect spot to buy and sell bike related stuff. It’s a sad day. There’s no way I’m spending $90 a year just to list some bike parts. It’s actually kind of crazy the money they’re charging. And honestly, for like $10 a year I probably would have paid it for how much I use the site. But $90?!?! And you still only get 10 listings? They’re out of their mind and it just shows the corporate greed of Outside and how they destroy everything good. It’s $350 for unlimited listings. It’s just bonkers how they expect people to pay this.


Just use facebook marketplace.

I gave up on PB yonks ago.

Don’t have Facebook. They’re a worse company than Outside in my opinion but that’s a different discussion.

Edit: Also, isn’t that just local? PinkBike was national and even covered Canada. I thought Facebook was only local buying/selling.


I assume you refuse to use amazon as well? (I do)

That said if you’re moralising about where you allow yourself to have social accounts, why would you want national advertising? Surely you wouldn’t want the environmental and ecological cost of shipping stuff that far / travelling that far to get it?

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You’re asking why I would want a bigger audience to sell to? Is this sarcasm? I’m confused why you wouldn’t want the biggest pool of people to see the ad and to sell to. I’m genuinely baffled by your comment.


Hopefully this at least cuts down on the scammers though. Was always a minefield on PB.


I’ve used PinkBike classifieds a ton in the last few years, mostly as a seller, and mostly to move mtb parts, as I’ve had little luck selling road bikes or parts on there… I too knew this was coming, but man their timing seems pretty shitty. It’s been a pretty slow market(coming from a guy with a couple bikes listed for sale at solid prices). $90 isn’t massive in the grand scheme of things, but at this point I’m tempted to just fall back to eBay and jack up my prices a bit to cover the taxes and fees. The audience is exponentially larger there, and you get the benefit of an actual “click to buy” system rather than tire kickers, which has been the downside on FB Marketplace as well.
As an add on, I have 5 listings active on the site, and as of this morning, I can’t re-post them… I get an error message that I have too many listings, so there’s no “grandfathering” status of existing ads even…


Weird, I was able to repost all of mine. I have 13 currently. I can’t post any new items though. I clicked the “Repost All Items” button at the top of my page and it worked. When I tried to repost individual items I got that error too.

I also thought about combining all my smaller parts into 1 listing. Not ideal but might be a usable workaround for now. Terrible timing for me as well as I’m getting ready to move and have 2 bikes I wanted to sell.

There’s always escape collectives classifieds. Not sure if it has the traffic of PB or FB but the company is definitely respectable


Is it cheaper to bribe Chad so it doesn’t get deleted? :-p

2 active listings at a time are still free. I buy and sell more bikes than average and I have never had 3 active pinkbike listings going at once. This won’t impact the vast majority of their users.


Also to add - it’s not $90 for just additional listings, that’s for an Outside+ membership, which a lot of people already have and I know people feel a certain way about it, but if you use a number of their perks, it’s actually not a terrible deal.


I really despise the corporate consolidation of everything in recent years, and Outside+ is a big offender. That said, it’s pretty easy to score a free membership. I think I’ve been eligible for like 3 of them from events I’ve done this year.


Having not used FB in years I recently sold about $5k of parts for myself and friends through PB. Solid site and obv they need to stay afloat somehow

totally get it, and I think outside has turned so many great site into pure swine, but you do realize these sites dont stay afloat for free, yes? for the casual person trying to move last years bike, this doesnt change anything. its probably aimed at the shops that use PB as their virtual showroom

And you do realize I said I have no problem paying them if it was a reasonable fee yes?

They’re not charging you $90 just to list stuff for sale

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They weren’t free if you paid for those events.