Pettit - What's the point?

and on a positive note I used Pettit +1 last night to do short 15-20 sec power testing. You can make Pettit slightly more engaging by turning off Erg mode. I use the long aerobic workouts to catch up on the TR Podcast and work related YouTube videos.

Do you guys do the drills as well?

I for one welcome my Pettit overlord. I look forward to it cause it’s a “brain off” moment which is pretty relaxing

I don’t do the Pettit drills most of the time, but I make-up my own depending on how I’m feeling and what I’m targeting. For example, I’ll go to the smaller chainring and target a certain cadence. Or I’ll do this thing I learned from spin class-- goto a slightly hard gear where I’ll stand on the pedals 2 to 3sec and sit down for a few seconds, repeat for 3 to 4 sets. Nothing major, just mainly to get the lactic acid to burn off by getting the other muscles activated and get my tush a break. Other than that, I’ll watch the HR zone as others noted its to break that plateau and prep your body/legs for the next workout.

Pettit has goals/targets/benefits as others have mentioned.

One I did not see mentioned is one I think is always in play when any coach puts an easy workout in any plan: “Give the idiots something to do so they don’t do something stupid.”

Often the A choice is “lay on the couch today.” But most people won’t do that so give them Pettit.

A free ride on Zwift while just generally targeting the Pettit target wattage is actually a great break from the grind.


Poor Pettit gets so much hate. It has done nothing wrong.


I have it on Saturday, I cannot wait, genuinely.


Exactly. I really like pettit days. Up early, big cup of coffee and a couple pieces of toast. Hop on the trainer before work for an hour while watching something on netflix.

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Pettit - love it as usually knackered by the time it comes along and nice break whilst watching Netflix!

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Key words here are “while just generally targeting the Pettit target wattage”. Free rides on Zwift have a tendency to turn into chasing hard after the first rider/group that passes.

Not Petit, but I do a similar “Taiku” straight after a Ramp Test. Kind of helps with resetting the brain back to normal.

That is the difference between pros and amateurs. Tell a pro to ride X hours at Y watts and they nail it. Give an amateur the same direction and they end up chasing squirrels.

Anyone can ride hard. But riding easy is a skill :wink:


Personally I enjoy pettit. And it’s a great workout for bumping up the tss without undue additional stress on the body.

It is amazing how difficult it is to get people I personally coach to actually implement this in practice.


Indeed. I like a good story, this is one that always brings a smile Joe Friel's Blog: The Aerobic Base Ride


That’s a great blog - thanks.

Pettit for me tomorrow. I’m so happy :slight_smile:

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Good input, thanks.

For those of us who have been running for a while, these Z2 workouts are so natural that my first surprise when I started to use TR (at the beginning of this year) was their absence rather than the OP’s “what’s the point” question.


Before TR all my rides were “go hard or go home” and so I fought against doing rides like Pettit. Then I did a 4 week block of traditional base and discovered some benefits from riding slow. This year I somewhat enjoyed traditional base - outside. Let’s call it a love-hate relationship.

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I did Pettit this morning - and for the record, I actually felt like at least half of it was hard work. Which, amidst a recovery week after several big weeks in a row, is exactly how it’s meant to feel I think. It’s now served its place: I’ve done an hour of aerobic work which kept me firing, was far less work than the weeks preceding, but also prepared me well for the next Base period starting again next week. In NO WAY was it a waste of time.


My plan had sweetspot workout Carson scheduled for today. My job is working as a firefighter and I generally do a TrainerRoad workout in the engine bay at work on my work days.

Today my crew spent about 4 hours doing “live fire training”. It was HOT and tiring! When we got back from the fire training, I got on my bike to do my session. After 6 minutes, I could tell that Carson wasn’t happening today, so I loaded Pettit so that I could get something in. Pettit was just about perfect for me today.


Why is Pettit outside version’s TSS and duration significantly higher?

I thought it was a fluke the first time around but pushed to Garmin yesterday and even ending early it was over 60 TSS and 1 hour 20 minutes.