Personalized cycling coachs

Are there any cycling coaches out there who will use TrainerRoad as there platform not training peaks.Preferably in Australia maybe South East Queensland but online international is another option. Must be using TrainerRoad and have experience in coach + 50 athlete.

Can I ask why?

“have experience in coach + 50 athlete” .
Is that your age or a pre-qualification for a number of athletes coached. If the former the answer is yes but I’m UK based. I look after young and older riders, and like TR, want to make you faster.


Because I want to be a stronger cyclist

Why not just let TR be your coach?

Keen to hear if you find someone local, im in the same area and would be keen to try someone out

I can tell you why I liked a coach whilst using TR:

  1. Knowing someone was looking at my file I didn’t bail.

  2. Life happens. Sickness, travel, family and etc. Recently I was sick as hell. Took Advil got on the bike for TR rides and went out for weekend hard group rides. Totally and completely stupid. But I wanted to adhere to the plan and mine. I did well for the most part on both (rides and training). Needless to say the week after wasn’t productive. I couldn’t get out of bed.

I could have easily move the plan. That said, my coach often looked at my numbers and knew I was off before I was actually feeling sick physically.

  1. For my a races and training my weaknesses.

  2. Resting on rest days and going zone 2 when the plan called for it.

All that said, now that I’ve had one I don’t feel the need to supplement anymore. If I do something cape epic I’d grab another. Now I just need to stay away from late night snacks. I’ve learned from
My coach.

Use a coach and then get them to give you your interval efforts. Use trainerroad to create your intervals. For your easy days use the endurance efforts in trainerroad. Coach is good because it keeps you accountable if you sometimes stray off a plan. Trainerroad is there for those who can get stuck into a no nonsense plan and provides excellent bang for your buck

Think TR is also there for those who want to listen to the podcasts, read the blogs/forum and apply their own experience of what works for them to adapt the plans and coach themselves. I’ve never come that close to following a plan as written (closest I get is about 50-60% of the scheduled sessions, the rest of the week I’m either swapping TR workouts or doing less structured outdoor rides) but still get a huge benefit from TR as it’s helped give me a better foundation to coach myself.

I’m not against coaches, think they’re great for certain people, or for people at a certain stage of their development. Just that TR for me is much more than just a boilerplate plan to follow

I am interested if your coach and your happy to use TrainerRoad.
My email is . I am 56!

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Andrew, I will contact you by email.

Andrew, I sent an email from another account giving more information on my coaching services. I’m checking you received it ok and want to know if you plan to proceed with the coaching?



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