FTP= threshold?


FTP = threshold? and if I know my Vo2 max power, wich percentage of t would it be my FTP ?
my power V02max is 365w so my FT should be about 285w?

Yes, FTP is known as threshold.
A few different programs / coaches calculate FTP from Vo2 max and everyone uses a slightly different %. How did you come to that number? Of course, if in doubt, then test it.

Depends on the context! FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power, and it’s an approximation of the power level you can theoretically sustain for an hour. It tends to (but doesn’t always!) correspond to your lactate threshold, which is the work level at which your body starts accumulating more lactate than it can process.

VO2max is a physiological process that happens within a range of power levels, so there’s not really a reliable way to work backwards from VO2max to FTP. Your FTP could be 285, it could be 300, it could be 330. You’d need to do an FTP test to find out.


I did a 5’ test to test my maximum power Vo2. the reslut was 365w ( so my coach make me training from this value) But my FTp is about 260w (test). So if I want to train my Vo2max I should wor around 365w
but If I take the workouts in trainig road to train the Vo2 max, they says alway to do interval between 120 and 130% of FTP. Or if I take even 130% of my FTP I’m not approching the 365w!
I try some exiecrices with 130% FTP and effectively it’s too easy.
what do you think?
sorry for my english…

For reference my 5 minute power is 123% of my FTP.

Everyone will be different, what test did you take for your FTP…20 minute test, 8 minute test, ramp test?

Would try another different FTP test.

Can you provide some more detail about these tests? Was the VO2max test a lab test with the breathing mask, or an all-out 5-minute effort? Did you do the FTP test using the same equipment (power meter, trainer, etc.) and environment (inside, outside) as the VO2max test? What FTP test protocol did you use? When did you do the tests?

Honestly, if you’re working with a coach and the coach says to do your intervals at around 365 watts, you can always increase the workout intensity during the workout to what the coach says.

20’ test.
my FTP 263w is ok because when I work the SStT inervals or treshold it’s difficult, normal as it should be.
But 125% FTP is too easy for PMA (aerobic maximal power)
I think at the end of a Vo2max workourt my heartbeats should be not far from my maximum, no?
If you do 3x 10x 30/30 it must be difficult and at the end of the third serie your heartbeats are very high,non?

Yes you should feel like its near maximal effort, breathing hard and that you could’t maintain it for much longer.

I would guess it comes down to power curves, I doubt any two match from any two cyclists. The closer you go towards the lower time spans the bigger the ratio in the differences (Just my n=1 observations).

I’m no expert but from what you say you can work at a higher percentage of you FTP for a duration of time, thus as mentioned many times on this forum, adjust your own intensity to get the correct benefit for VO2 max workouts. We are all different.

You also have the added value of a coach, so I would listen to him as he has the 10,000ft view of your abilities. The plans we do are designed for a wide user base, but fully adjustable for the individual as required.

Surely if you have the benefit of a professional coach, then you should be properly testing power at different durations, not taking a VO2 power and using that to dictate FTP or vice versa

That’s not the modern definition.

FTP is the power output at maximum lactate steady state and can have a time to exhaustion of anywhere from 30 minutes (the absolute minimum according to the testing protocol) and about 70 minutes for very well trained athletes. All FTP tests are an approximation of this.

The paper you linked is poorly named as it is comparing the results of a 20 minute test approximation to a lactate test.


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The last repeat of a series should be the last one you are capable of doing, plus or minus; this means the first repeats are easier, the last ones harder. Whether that places you close to max HR in not a certainty - you should be in the 90-100% range, however.

I think Clouds Rest +3 is 4x 12’ - 30/30S @ 130-135%

I’ve completed that one when my FTP ~ 260

Jesus the amount of misinformation in this thread is headdesk

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ok. but the instructions said what? 130-135% FTP?

I have to take about 135% Ftp to train Vo2 max (PMA) .

I have no more professional coach.

and I test trainerroad. So I try to undesrtand and compare…

Set 1 and 4 130% of Ftp and the middle two sets 135% or at least that is how I did then according to my records… I cant remember editing the session.

I think you have the same “problem” as me. maybe we have a weak FTP but a high power at Vo2max. so I think we could have a good benefit to work SST and Treshold…

and keep about 135% for workouts at Vo2max

I’m not very good a VO2max longer efforts i.e 3 - 8 minutes at 120%, I have to reduce them to 112 - 115% of FTP. I am okay (not great) with micro intervals 45s or less.

exactly the same for me…

You should add to the conversation rather than just making statements like that.