47mm tires on 29mm wheels

Currently riding the stock Ibis 733 wheels (650b) that came with my Hakka MX. They have a 29mm internal width. They came with 2.1 inch wide Schwalbe Thunder Burts mounted. I’m looking for something with a slick center to use for Barry Roubaix (100 mile). Interested in the Pathfinder Pros but the 650b’s only come in a max 47mm which is about 6mm narrower than the recommended 2.1 inch minimum. Any thoughts on compatibility? New wheels are not an option right now. Need to ride what I brung.

Well, Roval Terra CLX EVO has 30mm intervals width, and from what I can see there should be no issues at all with 47mm.

I would think that it’s fine. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work well…

The 3T Discus 45/40 is a 29mm internal width that is designed to be an aero wheel with gravel tires from 36-40mm. I can’t quite see how a 47mm wouldn’t be fine on a 29mm internal width tim.

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