Paincave design - dark v light?

the power stopped working in my garage for some reason and I’ve now got used to training in the dark in the morning.

I kinda like it… I think…?

I train in the dark with just the screen of the laptop as a light source. But only because its winter, during summer i start in the dark but as the sun rises I finish when its light.

resurrecting this thread after reading the whole darn pain cave thread:)

Right now I have two traditional 48" flouro work lights in my space, and implications of the type of light for my TR workouts. What are recommended bulb color temperature. What about to full spectrum vs traditional fluoro bulbs? Or LED tubes in the existing fixtures? My head is hurting…

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I train with lights off… just the 50” tv and TR on my iPad is the only light in my basement pain cave.


Fluoro bulbs also make my head hurt :wink:

I turn the lights off, I have a LED bulb right above me and it reflects annoyingly off my phone that I have TR on. Plus I train in the morning and am in the middle of my workout as the sun comes up, which is A. pretty, and B. helps make it feel like time is passing by quickly.

As many others have said - it’s dedicated room/space to go hurt yourself in.
If you’re looking at the walls and wondering what colours they should be you’re not working hard enough.

Dark and moody - should be like the bat cave whilst you’re working on your nine pack. You could even have hounds chained up in there and axes and furs and stuff…decorating the walls. If i ever won the lottery and bought a castle that’s what mine would be like… :grin:

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