Remote Working Setup In Paincave

Hi all,

Slightly off topic but I think a fair amount of the TR crowd have had to deal with remote working recently, Im about to start a three month piece of work, all remote and it looks like for now Ill have to set up in the paincave while our house is being reorganised.

Im a fan of dedicating spaces for tasks; eat in the dining room only not the tv room, sleep in the bedroom not work, etc.

Has anyone found that working in the paincave discourages training? In other words, if Im in the paincave working for 8hours, am I really going to want to spend another 2 hours sweet spot on the bike and/or half an hour lifting?

The space itself can be seperated, using the front of the cave has a workbench I can use as a standing desk, but the background for numerous video calls needs to be made professional looking; fresh paint, hang up certificates, etc.

Any tips from remote workers on making the space look professional?



I’ve worked from home since 1998, in two different houses. One issue I’ve (repeatedly) had to tackle is separating work from family time. Even 22 years ago, there was always someone in some part of the world sending email and having an accessible office can make it difficult to fight the urge to keep knocking things off the never ending to-do list.

Perhaps a bigger issue is ‘cabin fever’ from living and working inside the same building. It is one reason I cherish training and riding outside, as well as going out on Friday night with my wife (and lately with the whole family).

Just a few quick thoughts, hope that helps,


Ive shifted a bunch of stuff around, and will be painting a wall so it can be a back drop for video conferences. Wifi signal is strong so that should be good.

I was tempted to leave bits of bike paraphernalia hanging but…you know :slight_smile:

On the plus side, the paincave looks more spacious now.

  • Lighting. I need better lighting.
  • Damp. I think Im okay for the summer months but by October Ill need to have sorted something out. And insulation/heating.
  • Seating. Ive set up the (fixed) desk at standing height, but Im going to need to sit down at some point.
  • Dust. I suppose I shouldnt have been training in a dusty environmwnt any way, but somehow I didnt notice how bad it was until now. And spiders.

My whole perspective on it has changed now Im thinking other people are actually going to see this space, and not all of them will think its cool Ive got five bikes around me when I working :laughing:

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For video chats I’ve got a cycling pic on the opposite wall.