Pacing for looooong time trials

Any recommendations on pacing strategy for a 6 hour time trial? I’ve done a few of these and I’m still not sure what the optimal pacing strategy is and don’t want to leave gains on the table but also don’t want to completely breakdown too far from the finish. Slightly rolling course, on a small loop with no notable climbs.

I’ve had the most success doing a steady pace of just about 65% AP, 70% NP. Is this too long of a duration to try a negative split? any advantage to starting around 80-85% and fading?

Over 6 hours I would definitely try to do a slight negative split. I would have a number in mind to aim for for the first 2-3 hours and then just ride to feel after that. But if that number you chose feels to hard the don’t hesitate to bring it down a bit. 6 hour pacing will be pretty individual so I’m not sure anyone could give you a solid target. Just don’t punch it up the hills, keep it steady, fuel a lot, and mostly ride by feel.

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Thanks, this is more or less my plan this time out. Just second guessing everything as part of my pre race preparation.

I see some people who are really good at this sort of thing whose heart rate actually drops in the second half. Has made me wonder if I was doing something wrong cause mine does the total opposite.