Ozone Air Quality and Training?

I’m starting a new cycle of SSLV2, so I did my Ramp Test today. I did fairly well given my overall lack of fitness and the results seem reasonable. I’m not unhappy.

After coming in from my garage where my trainer is set up, I see that there’s an Air Quality Alert in my area. It’s a Code Orange Ground Level Ozone Activation Day according to the US National Weather Service. We just moved to South Carolina from Michigan a few months ago, so I’ve never seen one of these. Is it an issue to work out in these conditions if I’m not part of an ozone-sensitive group? Should I expect different results or perceived exertion if I do a workout? Is this a sweet, sweet opportunity not to be missed and I should train under ground-level ozone conditions at every chance I get, forsaking sleep, food, and responsibilities to do so?

Most of the information I’ve found is geared toward people that may have existing conditions and they may not engage in the same levels of activity that the average Trainerroad user does. If anyone has any information from a training perspective, it would be greatly appreciated.

I live in Charlotte, just across the border from you. You will see lots of Ozone warnings during the summer months. I don’t pay attention to ozone warnings specifically, but I do try to avoid the hotter times of the day, which also are probably the lower ozone times of the day. I’m pretty sure training on these hot days will not yield you any super powers, but if it’s all you got, you got to work with it.

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Thank you for the additional background although I’m a little upset about the super powers part. :laughing: I guess I have to do those hill repeats whether I like it or not.