Overcoming Dwarfism in Triathlon with Zach Josie - Successful Athletes Podcast 007

Zach Josie is a triathlete with dwarfism. From technique and equipment adjustment to strategically balancing strengths & weaknesses, we can learn a lot from the challenges Zach has faced.

I loved recording this episode with Zach. My biggest takeaway: Instead of becoming frustrated with your own unique challenges, see them as your path forward and simply work with them instead of against them.

This discussion and Zach’s approach has already changed the way I approach to training, and I hope it will do the same for you. If you have any questions for Zach, just reply below!

Tune in and get faster!

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Hearing a guy talk about competing with his unique physical characteristics is fascinating as hell by itself, but it’s also fascinating to hear a guy talk about getting up at 3am (!) to train before a full workday of heavy duty physical labor. From any angle, this guy appears to be pretty fearless. He’s like “yeah, I had no swimming background, got pretty much thrown into the river and there you go” and he started riding on a badly modified road bike. He adjusted what he had and made stuff work so he could race. I’m never going to complain about a bad bike fit ever again…


Really good podcast this one. I wont be getting up at 3am to train though or taking up triathlon!

Good work Zach.

This is a good series of podcasts to here from different atheletes and how they overcome things. Not everyone is a Chris Froome and I can def relate to this approach.


Really enjoyed the podcast. Hearing someone gets up a 3am to train is pretty distressing though - I’m not a morning person :sweat_smile:

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I am a morning person, and that’s still crazy :rofl:


I hate to say but I dont know if I could
At least as I sit here comfortably but if all were to change and thats the option you have I guess you have to take it

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