Outside workouts and Workout levels

Appreciated the updates including those about workouts outside that Nate shared on the 3/31 podcast. Sounds like great progress and timely now that the weather is improving in the Northern Hemisphere.

Curious to know if any of the planned updates address what I understand to be the accepted view (perhaps backed by research) that says you can put out more power outside on the road than inside on the trainer? Will the AI/ML set higher workout target levels for outside rides or give you less credit for achieving workouts outside, whether structured or not, than for those same workouts and performance levels completed inside? Thanks.

There was a similar question asked a few months ago, but no official answers then, and I don’t know if we can expect any with your version either. Some of this likely falls into the “secret sauce” realm, as well as what I see as TR’s general stance that these in/out differentials may well be more balanced when maximizing setup inside, but that is my take.