Outdoor Rides - How does TrainerRoad adapt to these - I'm sure this has been asked before

Hi Guys,
After listening to the podcast for months over lock down I’ve decided to get serious with my training and have signed up for TrainerRoad. I’m 46 years old (ftp about 240-250 74.5kg) and having done a couple of races in Cyclocross over the past couple of years & I really want to give a full season a go this winter. My goal is to never come last and over the races I’ve always achieved that goal. Our local CX league is really competitive so my goal this season is get closer to 10th from last, out of a pack of 60-70.

My question is, as we are just entering summer, is how does TrainerRoad adapt to the rides I do outside? I have no problems indoor training but really like the social side of cycling doing rides between 80km - 130km at the weekends on the road and or 50-80km off-road and these will never be structured.

So does TrainerRoad ‘know’ that I’ve done these rides and does the diary/training adapt to these rides?

Have a great day!

The short answer is no. To add just a little bit, I think the only way future workouts would be affected would be if you associated your outside ride with a workout & answered a survey as you would for an indoor workout. As a matter of fact, I know that would happen. I did an mtb ride where in the middle I did 3 sets of 3x3 vo2 intervals. Afterward, I chose a workout that had similar work intervals & associated my ride with it choosing a survey response of moderate. In turn, this sent my vo2 progression level through the roof to the point that I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle TR workouts inside on the trainer. I ended up breaking the association & my PL’s went back to where they should be.

Hope this helps you out!

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Brilliant thank you. I’ve gone for a low volume plan so hopefully it will all balance out

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