Outside Rides: Structured, Unstructured and DELIBERATE!

To your point #3 - After I our discussion I went back again this a.m. and checked my outdoor rides both TROW and unscheduled( I.E. not programed on the calander at all). I went back to March 21 as thats when I did my first TROW & unscheduled rides this Tng Plan that started in NOV 20. Here is what I found:

  • All TROWs were automatically associated with the corresponding workout
  • Unscheduled outdoor workouts were also associated with a TR workout.
  • One Unscheduled workout was auto assocciated with a scheduled Strenght Tng workout that I did not execute???
  • Note, I have not never selected associate for any workout. Ergo, I"m not sure what’s going one :man_shrugging:
  • Until our conversation I have never thought about it and now I’m not really sure I understand it.

I am baffled. My “unscheduled outside rides” are never associated with a workout.

We need a bit of TR expertise on this one.

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I agree we need the TR folks.

I use a Garmin 1030 and I have Garmin Connect and TR linked or whatever the term is, to my Strava as well and it Auto posts my workouts to Strava…