Outdoor workout and progression levels tracking

I am not sure how unplanned outdoor training rides are tracked against progression levels…

For example, today instead of doing a 2h threshold intervals (120 TSS) from my plan,
I went out for a 3h XC endurance ride which was estimated to 220 TSS.

Is this tracked against specific training zones? and how does this affect my progression levels using adaptive training?


@Bigpikle thanks for pointing out this, I am aware of that … My question is really about the different nature of the original planned ride (4.4 level threshold) with the actual outdoor ride which is actually an endurance one.
So if I switch the Threshold workout to outdoor and match it on my outdoor one,
then the Threshold progression level is affected (increased)… but that’s not the case really…
I’ve had 220 TSS on an endurance outdoor ride… it can’t be equal (or match) to the 128 TSS of a threshold indoor workout…

Outdoor rides are basically ignored and you get a automatic ‘pass’ based on whatever you match it to, so find an equivalent endurance ride, add it to your calendar and match it to the ride you did. You then get the PLs for that ride.

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@Bigpikle yep!! that’s what I just did :smile: :wink:

…but I asked because I 'm thinking if there’s a “clever” calculation on the adaptive training model,
rather thank doing this “manually”

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nope - AT cant yet deal with unstructured rides at all and wont give any credit for what you did unless you do the match like you did. They keep saying its coming but nothing so far…


TrainerRoad team, what’s the plan in evaluating /unstructured/ outdoor rides for adaptive training?
This is really am important point for all of us participating in regular group rides.

E.g., my recently started Sunday group ride, <3 h for >100 km including the easy lead in/out to/from the meeting point is a significant part of my training, typically NP = 82–86 % FTP – surely regarding fatigue, but also in terms of threshold/SST time and sometimes even several Vo2max “intervals” from lead periods.

Hope to see this handled automatically in the future, but also wondering what is the best workaround to get it accounted for, at least, to some extend?


Ivy here in the forum, and Jon on the podcast, have mentioned that the pending “Levels 2.0” is that solution that will cover ALL workouts, (inside, outside, structured, unstructured, etc.). It is said to be the highest priority, but we don’t have any firm timeline stated (since they don’t do that anyway).


It’s been a year since this answer. Anyone know the current status of levels 2.0?


Any update?