Outdoor MTB/CX vs. Road: Build Aerobic vs. Handling Development?

I train only outdoors. Road is the best way to complete intervals as planned, especially in Build and Specialty. On the other hand, I’ll be racing CX, so bike handling is crucial as well. Highly structured, high intensity workouts that are no good for the trails I have accessible. So I’m trying to figure out how to balance doing intervals with developing handling.

My days now are: Rest, Hard, Easy, Hard, Easy, Hard, Medium (SS)

The weekly SS day I could get away with doing on trails. My local trails are too pitchy/climby for rest days. If I could convert the middle Easy day to a longer Z2-3 ride, that could get me another day, but TR hard days are taxing.

Any ideas for how to go about this?

This looks like a mid volume plan? I’d drop to a low volume plan, keep the two easy days easy and is the medium day to work on skills.

If you’re not already doing some weight training, I’d substitute 2 days of lifting in place of the easy days. Lifting has greatly improved my bike handling.