Outdoor ERG mode

I know that people are going to think that this is nuts but curious if anyone has ever heard of an equivalent of ERG mode but for outdoor rides. Obviously you’d need some kind of attachment to be able to add the resistance to the system dynamically.

My logic is that if you live in a populated area without hills it can be pretty tough to hit a power number consistently while making sure that you are paying attention to the road. Would be nice to have something to help with that.

depends on where you live, but its pancake flat here and I routinely “do outdoor erg mode”

There was a front wheel device that adds drag, to keep speeds down. Saw it on DCRainmaker many years ago.


I recently started doing many more workouts outside and have found that you quickly learn what your power targets feel like and can go mostly based on feel, with occasional checks of your power.

You need a bicycle CVT, a power meter, and the right electronic controls. I don’t think anyone has such a thing, though there are bicycle CVTs.