Outdoor aero testing in FL, GA, SC or NC. NOT wind tunnel

I am interested in getting a bike fit and outside aero testing.

NOT wind tunnel

ERO in CA would be great but can’t stomach the cost of flying there and back, hotel cost, time away from home etc

Anyone know of outdoor aero testing with bike fit near FL?



Only a 9 hour drive away: (In PA)

self test:

Thank you for taking the time to post

Have you done the aero testing with them?

Unfortunately for me it is a 30 hour round trip

But still considering it

No clue. Just what I found. Not sure the tech is really ready yet to do outdoor testing well yet.
Not out yet:

Sure someone who has more experience with the devices can use them better but might not be good enough yet. Sensitivity needs to be high as they may easily pick up that upright is less aero then in the so bars if you’re tweaking position you need to pick up on small differences.

So if you can’t measure your drag, what are you doing? Getting an expert to judge based on looks. They can do that on a trainer. Want to make sure you stay in the right position? Get something that can measure your position on the trainer and outdoors to make sure you stay the same. (A leomo device can do that) why go far away where it’s hard to do a follow-up?

I’m no expert, just my thoughts

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Thank you for looking all that information up and posting

Much appreciated

What’s your objection to the tunnel?

It SEEMS outdoors is more real world

Are you available for outdoor testing?

When carefully done, outdoor field tests and wind tunnel tests produce essentially the same estimates. The advantage of wind tunnel tests is that they’re faster, and you typically get someone who can advise you on what to do next. The advantage of outdoor tests is that you can measure rolling resistance, they’re cheaper (though slower), they’re pretty accessible (but you typically don’t have anyone helping you).

There are several good bike fitters in the Southeast Atlantic states, but I don’t know of anyone who does both bike fitting and aero testing other than Missy Erickson up in Pennsylvania.

Depending on how editing goes, there may be a podcast out relatively soon on doing field testing for aero and rolling drag.



Sorry, I meant podcast episode, not an entire podcast. It’ll be on one of the usual suspects.

  1. Yikes, it’s an hour long
  2. The audio streams weren’t quite sync’d, so it sounds like I’m either not responding very quickly or else I’m stepping on the end of Travis’ lines.
  3. If you really, absolutely, positively have to listen to this (and you really don’t) set the playback speed to maybe 1.5x. I fell asleep part way through.


I am listening to it now

Thank you So much for taking the time to do the video as well as post this here

I contacted Missy

Unfortunately she only does bike fit

No aero testing

Bumping to see if you have done the podcast yet?

Please let me know

Thank you

Ah, I think that “Road to Emporia” episode was the last interview I did intended for release (I had a conversation with someone else but I think in the end he decided not to publish it – probably cuz I’m not always the clearest discussant). Do you have any specific questions I could address?