Any AeroPod users?

I’m in the initial setup stages with an AeroPod and am curious if anyone else on this forum has any experience (}good, bad, or indifferent) with them.

I’m planning to use it to test the aerodynamics of my position and gear on both my road and TT bikes and am looking forward to playing around with it.

Anyone an experienced user who could give me some tips for starting out or is it a bit too small at this point?

For those naive to the idea - AeroPod will essentially capture my power, speed, elevation, and wind data to calculate aerodynamic drag. By doing this you can ride with a specific setup (say…TT bike with no disc wheel) and get a hopefully accurate CdA and then do a ride with a different setup (changing one variable per ride if possible - say by using the exact same gear but adding in a disc wheel) to get a comparative CdA to determine the savings.

The idea being less around things like disc vs no disc (although I’m sure I’ll test that) and more around things I don’t actually know the answer to already - like which helmet or shoe covers save me the most time (things that are unique to the person) or more major changes like positional shifts.

Super curious to hear about your experience with this!

I got mine yesterday, got the IQ on the garmin, still getting the software on the macbook soon

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I’ve gotten a bit side tracked on this project so haven’t done the more intensive testing I hope to do

In my experience thus far the Aeropod is basically a beta product. It has some pretty severe limitations and they are using the current users as testers.

That said - it does work in some very cool ways and is a ton of fun to play around with. I can’t validate against a known CdA so I can’t prove that it is working, but it is a very cool concept and I’m happy to pay the price as an early adopter if it means the product (or something similar) becomes more easily used and widely adopted

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Regarding testing different wheels, you’ll need to be very careful and thoughtful about how you test.

Every time you change wheels you are changing the rolling resistance. Aero pod does not account for this so you will need to measure it separately. A disk wheel with a slow tire may very easily be slower than a deep section wheel with a fast tire.

Of course if you are simply looking for the fastest setup and you use race tires and measure the cda at race pace efforts you can effectively eliminate this problem.

Velocomp has a pretty good form you can check out with more info as well.