Out and in the saddle on 40/20 intervals

Hi. I have a question about in or out of the saddle on 40/20 workouts. I use to stand for about 15-20sec in the start of each interval on my 40/20 workouts. What i picked up from the podcast, the purpose for this type of interval (MAP) is to stress my hart and make it work in high zone 4&5. This workout accumulate 6-8min I HR Z5 and 12-14 min in HR Z4 last time i complete this workout. As long as i accumulate time in the correct HR zones, and i crank out my wats on my Taxc Neo, is it then right to say that it doesn’t matter if i’m in or out of the saddle?
Love your podcast 5🌟
Beats regards Ansgar (Norway)

Assuming you’re going flat out for these intervals, which is the purpose of them then your HR won’t reach the correct zone so don’t focus on that.
It doesn’t matter if you’re out of the saddle, just push as hard as you can and do whatever it takes.

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