Oura Ring Connectivity

I was hoping for other’s who have the Oura Ring to weigh in here.

I have had one for a couple of months now. I have an android phone connected to it. Mostly it’s great. However, the thing that bugs me is it takes a long time for the phone app to recognize the ring and download the data. For example, when I wake up in the morning and open the app, it spins, and then the “retry sync” pops up and then it spins. Sometimes I force close the app to kind of force it to update. That doesn’t even always work. Sometimes it might takes as long as 5 minutes of fiddling with it to get the data updated. Does anyone have an experience where it just uploads instantaneously with no issues or is it pretty much the same as my experience. If everyone has the same experience, then I won’t try to troubleshoot it, but if mine isn’t working as expected, I’d like to fix it.

I’ve had the Oura ring for 3 months and never had the issue that you are describing. That being said, I have an iPhone so it could be something specific to the Android App.

Sorry I can’t help more.

I’ve had that problem on occasion in the past, but it’s mostly been good for a long time. I don’t recall if it went away upgrading my phone, or if it was leaving bluetooth enabled full time that made the issue go away. Sometimes when the battery is very low it’s slow to pair… I don’t know if that’s the ring trying to conserve power by not broadcasting constantly? Having the ring on the charger usually gets it working right away.

Interestingly after the firmware update yesterday it has been much better. This morning it loaded right up.

I have had my oura ring for over a year and its always had connection issues. Android user. I have found that while the ring icon is spinning if you click on it then swipe to show ring settings then close this window using the ‘x’ in the top left corner this usually results in the ring and phone connecting. If this fails then it’s an app close and retry!

Me too. Paired with iPhone and no drama :slight_smile: