Orbea Laufey kids bikes

Does anyone else think putting an 8yo child on 27" wheels is likely to be a bit much?
Like TrainerRoad, i’m all about ‘making you faster’, and large wheels might do that, but my 8yo is currently on a 20" and although he’s on the top end of the fit, he’s comfortable putting feet down.

I’d check the geometry chart first and go from there.

Working in a bike shop, the problem I’m always faced with is that parents want a bike that will last and the kid can “grow in to” and I want to sell them a bike that actually fits! We usually meet somewhere in the middle. There are occasions when I’ll sell an XS ladies bike (with 27.5 wheels) to a kid who’s outgrown a 20" wheel kids bike, but it really depends on specifics of each case (size of kid and model of bike)


The geometry chart on that website does include height recommendations which may help

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My 8yr old has the Orbea MX Trail 24. Fantastic bike that he can throw around on intermediate single track and make every ramp into a jump. I reckon on a bigger bike it would be point and hope, rather then get the best lines. He can also push up it hill when stuff gets too steep or technical. He has no problem on a larger bike on the pathways, but for single track, the 24 is great. The geometry and gearing is on the money too. Hopefully I can get him on my bike when he is 11/12, skipping small frames, and get myself a new bike.

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My 8 year old daughter went from a 20" to a 27.5". She’s 1.38m. The bike is/was slightly oversized but she can get on and off without any hassle and has no problem doing long technical rides. The only adjustment we made was to narrow the handlebars. I spent a bit more on this bike as i figured we saved a bit by skipping the 24".

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