Orbea Oiz Sizing

5-9, looking for recommendations on the TR version.

Orbea says medium.

Watching reviews, Bikers Edge reviewed the TR. the rider, (Brock) stated he was on the large and it felt great. Same height.

Any experience?


I am 5’11, but long inseam - 34", and pretty sure I’m long-armed too. I’m on a large and it fits me perfectly. Mine is not the TR, but shouldn’t make any difference.

I used the Lee McCormack / RAD method and I’m dead on, and MyVeloFit - everything ended up “Within Range” on the first try.

I’ve had it about a month now, so not a ton of time riding it yet, but love it so far.

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MyVeloFit put me in range on my medium Mach4SL with a 90mm stem.


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5’11 myself and riding a TR in size L. I did have to fit a longer stem otherwise i felt too bunched up. So I have a feeling you might be right in the middle between M an L.

Best would be to test both.

I’m 5’9 and have Orbea Oiz size M (2021), exactly what I need for XCM/XCO

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