Oral Hygiene and Endurance Athletes

I’ve heard that after you have had acidic stuff in your mouth you should wait 20 minutes before brushing your teeth (as that’s how long it takes for the ph in your mouth to reset) as some toothpastes (usually whitening ones) are abrasive.
Fluoride remineralizes your enamel but I’m not sure how long that effect lasts after you brush your teeth.


Thanks for the great advice in this thread! It might be useful not only to athletes but to any people actually. Most people know that oral hygiene is brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.

That’s just not true, your enamel needs way more time to remineralize , source I’m a dentist…

again really bad, harmful advice even, baking soda is abrasive and when the enamel has softened up because of the acid if the baking soda isn’t dissolved you’ll just scrape away your enamel even more

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