Options on how to get a bike to start line-Dragon ride UK

I’ve signed up to the dragon ride in port talbot Wales this year, and can’t figure out away to get a bike to event. Best option I’ve come up with is to hire a bike when there for £129!This is likely my best option but worth a post at this amount of money!

Anyone got any other ideas I’ve just not thought of?

Option ruled out:

  1. Transport by car, going on a holiday the week before hiking up snowdon etc so fear leaving a bike on roof rack.
  2. Original Plan stick on a friends car- Car is now full with others bikes.

If you’re bringing a bike can you dismantle the bike and keep it inside your hire car and/or hotel (alternative to option 1) while you hike snowdon? Its only a few hours.


Where are you staying on holiday? Ask them if you can leave your bike there safely?

Alternatively, can you leave the car with the bike at a secure car park? Maybe pay for parking it at someone’s house? And get a lock for the roof rack.

I wouldn’t want to ride something like the Dragon ride on a borrowed bike.

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To add we would be driving across from Peterborough UK. Then staying at various places and stops off in between. Snowdon It is possible to store in the airbnb.

One day for example is a drive from Snowdon to Pembrokshire coast, with midday stop in between. So it either means miss the stop or risk the bike on the locked roof rack.

Has anyone had any luck with sending bikes via courier?

I’m still missing why you cant lock the bike inside the car if you’re worried about leaving it on the roof? Most all cars will fit a road bike with the front wheel removed, even on the back seats.


I’ve used bikedelivery.co.uk to send a bike I sold. Its a 24h service, and depending on how you want to insure it, starts at £26 afaik. But you need somewhere to deliver it too.

I’d put the bike in the car, or see if there is someone else who could take it.

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