Optional bike for indoor training and outdoor ride?

Hi. I have one smart trainer and currently only have on bike. Anyone here have any experience having 1 bike for indoor and 1 bike for outdoor? may i know which bike do you guys use for indoor?

im planning to buy a new bike for indoor training. any suggestion? currently my smart trainer is installed with 11-28t cassette. will Shimano SORA fits ? sorry im noob . thank you guys

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My old Alumin framed Fuji (basically the first road bike I bought about 7 years ago) is my bike that is dedicated for the trainer.

My new Domane with the carbon fiber frame never goes on the trainer.

IIRC the some of the lower end Shimano may only be 9 speed… make sure to check compatibility. I had to replace the 105 11-speed casset that came on my trainer with a 9 speed SRAM cassette that was on my bike, even though the shifters were Shimano.

If I had to buy a dedicated indoor bike new (assuming you plan to get a higher-end bike for indoor) why not look at something like a Wahoo Kickr bike?

I believe there was a thread about this recently, might be worth a search.

But a whole new bike is probably overkill for a dedicated trainer bike. A bike actually has a lot of stuff on it which is not required for use on a trainer (brakes, gears, rear wheel, cables, etc) and will get messed up with salt and sweat. I’d get a very cheap second hand bike, or frameset, cranks, bars etc and build something you don’t care about and won’t take off to ride outside.

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