Option to tip TR and the crew

I’ve joking raised this topic before, but I have a feature request, some sort of way to tip the TR teams. Maybe I’m an outlier. But I feel that $190 or whatever I’m paying annually is a shockingly good deal. I would love a way to show my appreciation for everything the TR crew does.

P.s. I’ll be in the Reno area next week. Not to be a creepy fanboy but I’m not opposed to dropping a couple cases of beer off at HQ…


If this is how we get beers with Chad back, let’s go.


I hate to be a contrarian but are you familiar with the origins of tipping?

During prohibition, restaurant owners couldn’t break even on food alone so they decided customers should pay the bulk of the salaries via tips.

It’s worse now that it’s become customary to tip all service providers but the original intent (as bad as it was) was just to make up for business owners who weren’t paying a living wage (or later even minimum wage)

Of course I tip waitstaff and I tip them well! Because they don’t make minimum wage, I have to but morally their employers should pay their full salary.

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I agree! :joy:


Am I allowed to quote myself as me….self?

Thanks for reminding me to switch to an annual plan.

I will see…FTP estimation soon. Now 3 weeks largely following the plan

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After most of my workouts, I feel like someone owes me money.


Is this one of those burner accounts they joked about Nate/Ivey making on the last podcast?

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