Optimal bike fit for indoor only rider?

Dear All,

I no longer ride outside and I’ve only ridden indoors for about 2.5 years now.

On the basis that I don’t have to worry about minimising aerodynamic drag, or having my hands on the hoods to shift gears, tap the breaks etc, what changes do you think would optimise my indoor bike fit?

So far, I’ve raised the stem as much as I can so I don’t have to lean forward as much and to take a bit of strain off the lower back and hamstrings.

As always, thank you so much for any suggestions you give.

All the best,

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For starters, defining what you mean by “optimal” is useful. Are you looking for maximum comfort, power production or some other attribute(s)?

Excellent point, basically maximising comfort first as I find this reduces cognitive load and power production second.

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OK, that in mind you are pointed in the direction I would have suggested. Within reason, a shorter reach and higher stack to the bars is more comfortable. But that often is related to strain on the back and neck that can happen with the traditional long/low position aimed at performance and aero, as you noted.

But like anything else, there is a limit to that. I doubt most people would enjoy a super upright townie/cruisier bike fit for training, especially if power is a close 2nd priority.

Outside of that, the saddle comfort related stuff may be worthwhile to consider, broadly speaking.

Ultimately, specifically targeting the discomfort areas you have is essential. Neck, hand, back, bottom and such will likely lead to different directions with a non-aero limit.