Only outside rides into a compare season

HI there…

I’m I just been dumb… is there any way you can put outdoor rides in a season on there own and indoor ride into a season.

Just my Wahoo Kickr reads a higher power on my indoor rides than my stages which I use outside so I can’t compare outside rides only for PR’s and improvement.

Many thanks guys.

No, there is no way to filter or isolate workouts like you want (inside vs outside) or any other consideration (power device and such).

I seem to remember seeing this or something similar as a feature request, but can’t find it at the moment.

Thanks for the reply… Shame, would be a good feature if you could just drag and drop the rides you want into certain seasons from your calendar.


I get your idea, but “Seasons” are pure time based.

What you want is more like a “tag” that could be an additional search/sort criteria that may be useful, within and between “seasons”.

I’d like to see at least some pure tags added to each and every workout or outside ride uploaded that contains: Location (In/Out) and Power Device at a minimum. Those two factors can have a major impact on the power data reported and/or TSS and other power related data. There are likely others that would make sense (“regular” vs “tt” position could be another, since it impacts “functional FTP” in practice), but those two are the most common variables in power data and rider performance.


Yeah… that would be cool… :+1: