Help Us With A Seasons Blog Post!

We are working on a blog post about custom seasons and would like to hear from you. Please comment below with any creative ways that you use seasons for your training analysis.

Thanks for your help!


Maybe it’s obvious, maybe it’s not, but I have 2 seasons for the two different power meters I have had on my bike. I could also see seasons for entirely new bikes as well.


Here is my workaround to allow comparison of specific rides, events and such using the “dates” function.

I also save some of those days containing desired events as “Seasons” so I can easily compare similar or different events without needing to find dates each time.

  1. This is a duathlon I do every year:

And I have others for events that I have only done once or twice, but like to compare against similar event types (gravel races at different locations and years).


Excluding certain seasons from the All Time list would be super helpful. This is more feature request than answering your question lol.

Certainly nothing creative on my end. Normally I have a “pre-season” season about Nov-March, then mtb race season and cx season. This year I’ve thrown in a DK200 training season as well.

You can do that. Click into the ride and click the three dots. In there you can exclude a ride from PRs and/or TSS.

Yes, I do that. But I mean excluding an entire season with one click.

This (and other use cases) would easily be possible with a multi search and edit feature as requested here:

Your commend or upvote could help the topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Season feature is good overall but could benefit from additional features. From the blog post:
“Multi-discipline athletes create Seasons to represent past and current training and racing seasons; e.g:

  • Road 2017
  • MTB 2017”

How does this work if I do MTB and Road through the year (in varying order and not in timely succession)?

@Nate_Pearson So besides just start and end date we need additional filters for seasons, for example

  • power source
  • multiple time ranges

Adding to the list above you could implement the feature requested here:

with a season filter for indoor/TR rides. @Bryce Anything in the plans for better season filtering (combining multiple filters as suggested above)? That would be a real benefit for the season feature.